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GDPR Staff Training

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All businesses know that they need to train their team in GDPR but not many businesses get it right. For many it's just a tick box exercise. But that's not good.

GDPR training needs to be specific and it needs to help translate what GDPR actually means for your day to day operations. 

We understand that training and staff time are expensive commodities. So, we've built out in house training sessions to solve these problems for you.

We charge an affordable sum for groups of up to 20 (just £75 per head), and we come to your premises to save staff travel time and cost. Importantly, we create customised sessions so we can deliver the clarity and understanding your team needs.


What the law says

The GDPR requires that businesses have sufficient technical and organisational measures in place to protect the personal information it processes (Article 5). This is a very broad requirement and one that will potentially impact all areas of your operations.

At a very high level, managers should look at three key areas in their business - people, processes and systems. All three need to work in accordance with the GDPR in order for the business to comply.


  • In-house delivery drives down the cost of training, and the amount of time your staff are travelling or out of the office
  • Training is completely tailored to your organisation and focuses entirely on your team, and the way you work
  • Training certificates prove receipt of GDPR training, or pass/fail and performance in GDPR optional exam
  • Rest assured you've provided the right training to staff that will protect your business day to day 
  • You can tick training off your compliance to do list until it needs refreshing 

The role of your team

You team will be handling personal information on a daily basis which presents a risk to the business if they're not trained in GDPR. It's very easy to breach or make a mistake when expectations aren't clear.

A large proportion of data breaches are caused by people, whether that's in error or maliciously. The only way to manage this risk is to make sure you train your staff properly, and keep a keen eye on what's going on.

Our In-house training is designed to focus on your business, and your team. We make sure that your team are armed with the knowledge and skills they need to protect your business and mitigate the risk of breaches.

What's included?

  • 1 hour pre-training consultation and planning session to ensure the training meets the needs of your team
  • Training delivered by an IBITGQ accredited expert at your business premises
  • Customised training presentation, agendas and exercises based on the initial consultation  
  • Smarter Data Protection training certificates
  • Optional GDPR exams to test attendee learning (additional cost of £30 per head to cover the exam, marking and certificates)
  • 2 hours after-care and support with any questions
  • A 10% client discount on future products and services including On Track GDPR.

If you're still unsure about the best course of action why not make use of our FREE, no obligation 1 hour GDPR consultation?

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